Gen, 23, New York. I'm into puns, subtext, cohesive narrative arcs, when ladies get the stories they deserve, and when stuff explodes. Fandoms give me hives. Don't let the bright colors fool you, I'm an asshole.

Feel free to spontaneously combust if you think feminism merits an eye roll. (ノ◔‿◔✿)ノ:*:・゚'❁**

møøse bites

this mattersthe bull to my shitDRAMA LIST

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"People run from rain but
in bathtubs full of

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Wow bukowski so profound do you also bathe fully clothed you dickhead. “Oohh isn’t it funny that a person will eat when they’re hungry but will duck if you throw an apple at their face”

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"And you? How ‘bout it, filmgoer? Have you solved the case of the - the dead people in L.A.?" - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, 2005

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I Love You // Woodkid feat. Angel Haze

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That’s wack.


That’s wack.

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"MACBETH: do you think I would make a good king
LADY MACBETH skateboards across the hall
LADY MACBETH: king of jerking off maybe"

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My fave!


My fave!

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